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New Vestry Kitchen

New Vestry Kitchen

HLF - Tender drawings 

HLF - Tender drawings 

St Swithun’s Church, Worchester

Listing status: Grade I Listed 

Client: Churches Conservation Trust

St Swithun’s is one of Worcester’s eight parish churches, existing since medieval times with the first written record dating back to 1126. Between 1733 and 1735 it was completely reconstructed by master builders Thomas and Edward Woodward of Chipping Campden in Gloucestershire. Its external and internal integrity make it an important monument to Georgian taste and it has been described as ‘a perfectly preserved sample of the 18th c church’ with few equals in the country.

- Vestry Kitchen Project 

Replacement of existing services and installation of new cupboards and sinks in the north-east lobby. Existing facilities were inefficient and unsightly. Proposals sought to address this situation, replacing the sink and the distribution board with new units which were concealed behind new birch plywood cupboards.  Cupboards were to be set forward of the wall to ensure continuous ventilation behind. The two monuments in the lobby were previously fully or partially concealed by the original arrangement of cupboards and services. These were retained in their current position, with the new kitchenette and cupboards designed to respect the monuments and fully reveal them in the space. Proposals provided a convenient and discreet location for functions that are essential to maintaining the future viability of the building.

 - Production of HLF Grant documents, Feasibility Study for introduction of WC facilities into existing store area

NCA were appointed to produce a report and drawings for the successful HLF Grant application. This involved carrying out a fabric condition survey and producing drawings for reroofing works and masonry repairs. This also involved liaising with an M&E Engineer in regard to the review of the existing heating strategy that needed to provide an environment for concerts and events as well as an environment suitable for the fabric and the fine box pews. A Structural Engineer was also appointed to advise on issues noted within the condition survey. NCA co-ordinated their input within the HLF report.

NCA were also involved with the HLF funded repair project to the organ which involved removal of the organ, its repairs, and reinstatement.

The CCT also commissioned NCA to carry out an options appraisal to review whether disabled WC facilities could be introduced into the existing store area. With no existing direct access into the church, the store was in a state of disrepair and under utilised. 



Sketch Studies - New WC facilities within existing store

Sketch Studies - New WC facilities within existing store

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option 2.jpg