Display Cases, Goldsmiths’ Hall, London

Client: The Goldsmiths’ Company

Building Period: built in 1834

Listing Status: Scheduled Monument, Grade I Listed


The design for the current Goldsmiths’ Hall by Philip Hardwick and officially opened in 1835. His plans include screens to the tripartite opening between the Entrance Hall and Staircase Hall. The interior of the Entrance Hall was changed by the installation of oak paneling as part of significant works undertaken following bomb damage. Further amendments where made around 1974 when heating was installed.

New display cases in the Entrance Hall are designed to fit within the existing openings and replace the existing cases from 1974. The glazing is due to comply with current standards for security. The configuration of the glazing will provide frameless doors with the perimeter back painted to conceal the structural elements behind. Overall, this provides a cleaner appearance to the display cases within the historic openings.

The works include: Removal of the existing cases and surround; Installation of the new exhibition cases, including climatic control and lighting; Reinstatement of the panels below the cases; Joinery repairs to house the new cases in the existing surrounds.